Frequently asked questions

How often do you clean the windows?
We provide a local, reliable window cleaning service every 4 or 8 weeks with options available. If you need a gap of 12 weeks or more, there will be a first clean charge incurred, so you save by having your windows cleaned regularly. The first clean usually takes longer and all clients are charged a little bit extra on the first clean. This is to insure the work is carried out thoroughly.

How do you clean windows without ladders, when using reach and wash?
A low-pressure pump propels pure water inside a high-reach pole and then through a soft brush head. We therefore operate from the ground with no ladders and no chemicals needed.

Are the windows left wet?
The water used goes through a 5 stage filtration process resulting in 100% Pure H2O – meaning no mineral deposits are left and thus no marks on your windows; the pure water itself does not leave streaks. It then evaporates resulting in a beautiful, sparkling and even finish.
Does the reach and wash method work better than the traditional method?
Yes because it is able to clean areas that traditional window cleaning can’t get to, with a better result as well as clean frames.  

Are you insured?
Yes, Sparkling Windows staff are fully insured, however insurance would not be able to cover the work we are working on.


Do you clean all year round?
Yes, within reason. If there is unusually bad weather (e.g. torrential rain or heavy snow) we will likely be a little late for your visit.  Apart from that, we clean in most weather conditions, including light rain and snow. Please be assured that this will not in any way affect the final cleaning result, since we are using the purified water method.

Do I have to sign a contract?
There is no contract to sign - the service is for as long as you want it.

Do I need to be in when you call?
No. You do not need to be in for us to clean your windows. After cleaning your house we will leave an invoice and notes of work carried out, together with payment details and a self-addressed envelope.


How do I pay?
You can pay by cash or cheque if you are at home.  If we have to invoice you because you are not home, you can pay by cheque or through your bank (including online banking).